“We absolutely love the CoFlex TLC Long Stretch kits. They provide a fantastic amount of compression, especially for heavy drainers and those in need of 4 layer compression. Our patient feedback has consistently been a dislike of 4 layers being wrapped, these kits offer the same level of compression with half of the wrapping. We’ve seen some amazing results with the patients we’ve used them on. The visual indicators are really user friendly, I had no problem using the indicators correctly and it was easy to train the other nurses and coordinators in my clinic to apply.”

Laura Serena, RN, CHWS
Serena Group Research Institute

“We, as well as our patients, are pleased with the UBC  [Calamine] – the patients state it’s comfortable … doesn’t slip down or bind at the ankle, and the larger stocking is more convenient.”

“My patients are pleased with the UBC  [Calamine] and UBZ  [Zinc], especially when they see how much edema is reduced. They’re easy to apply and provide good compression – they give immediate comfort.”

Dr. Joseph Snow, MD, Wound Healing Specialist
Concord Hospital, Wound Healing Center, Concord, NH

“PowerTape is the next natural step in providing your athletes with the most complete protective taping system available.”

“PowerFlex and PowerTape together allow the athletic trainer to apply a preventative and protective tape job that maintains its integrity longer and doesn’t get ‘soggy’ with swear, and thus is less likely to loosen.”

“With so many positive performance and protection factors, it just makes sense to use the Andover combination of PowerFlex and PowerTape.”

Jerry Weber, ATC, PT, Head Athletic Trainer
University of Nebraska –Lincoln

“In the first week of practices I would normally lose 1-3 athletes to significant ankle injuries…we continue to tape them almost 2 months later and have not had a single ankle sprain or re-injured ankle while using the PowerFlex and PowerPro taping system.”

Matthew D. Gerken, MS, ATC, Athletic Healthcare Administrator
University of Southern Maine

“These Unna boots have been a godsend and so much more comfortable for the patients and a lot less mess for the nurse who puts them on.”

Margaret Hook; LPN Nurse Supervisor
SLU WCC, St Louis MO

“Our patients and staff love the CoFlex Unna boot! Patients tell us CoFlex is comfortable. They don’t slide or feel slimey like other products they have used. Our nurses love it for the ease and efficiency in application”

Julie Darmon, Nurse Manager
Barnes Jewish Hospital WCC, St. Louis, MO

“We were thrilled to be able to offer an alternative unna boot dressing for our patients. The use of the foam impregnated dressing made a real difference in healing, the kit made for a quick pull for our dressing changes. One of our patients especially liked the stocking that came with the kit, that made wearing the dressing much easier for her.”

Marcia Donley, RN BSN WCC OMS
Mary Lanning Healthcare, Hastings, NE

“We have been very happy with both the CoFlex UBZ kit and CoFlex UBC kit. Our patients have expressed positive comments on how the UBZ/UBC wraps feel. We have found that patients describe the wraps as “less stiff” than the old unna boots. The wraps also absorb and hold up longer with drainage. Our staff are very pleased with the CoFlex UBZ and UBC wraps.”

Lori Parker, RN, CWOCN

“We were very happy with how easy the CoFlex AFD foam pad dressing was to apply. Patients we sent home with the product were able to change the dressings without difficulty and therefore more compliant. We used the CoFlex foam pad dressing on many types of wounds and were pleased with the healing we saw with them all.”

Amy Mahoney
Boone Hospital, Wound Clinic, Columbia, MO

“CoFlex AFD has many benefits over traditional dressings used in trauma situations. It’s easy to use and reduces dressing times. CoFlex AFD removes the need to use several products in treating a wound and stays in place while transporting patients to/from different units. It has high absorption and stops bleeding quickly – A great product for use in the ER.”

Allan Gourley, RN

“At Mercy Hospital Wound Clinic, Omaha NE, CoFlex UBZ and CoFlex UBC dramatically out performed any gauze Unna boot dressings in ease and speed of application, patient compliance, and healing rates of venous leg ulcers (VLU).

Our experience with Andover Healthcare’s zinc oxide and calamine impregnated foam 2 layer compression systems for venous leg ulcers (VLS) has been dramatic. Zinc Oxide in the foam improves peri wound dermatitis and prevents moisture associated skin damage. Patient compliance is high because the foam is comfortable to wear and the
dressing stays in place.

CoFlex UBZ and CoFlex UBC stay in place on cone shaped limbs, protecting patients from moisture damage to the skin. They are quick and easy to apply, well accepted by patients, and delivers physiologically effective compression that heal refractory VLUs.”

Dr. Martin J Winkler, MD FACS
Omaha Mercy Hospital Wound Clinic, Omaha, NE