Health Care Products

CoFlex NL Kids Pack Andover offers a variety of high quality healthcare products including wound care dressings, cohesive bandages and medical tapes. From our CoFlex® AFD – an all-in-one cohesive bandage with an absorbent foam pad attached for quick application – to our CoFlex® NL KidsPack prints with dinosaurs, bees and hearts that inspire smiles, Andover strives to provide products that best serve people.

Andover’s complete line of cohesive bandages is made with patented technology that delivers controlled, even compression. Once applied CoFlex® products remain at the compression at which it was applied and will not constrict over time. Applications for Andover’s product line include holding IVs in place, affixing monitors, securing dressings, and use as a compression bandage. Andover’s dressings, bandages and tapes are ideal for use in hospital emergency rooms and operating rooms, doctors’ offices, wound clinics and by emergency medical service personnel.

Andover is committed to providing high quality, cutting-edge products that help those in the healthcare industry do what they do even better. Andover manufactures cost effective, easy-to-use products. And they are all made right here in the USA.