Animal Health

Andover Healthcare is a leading manufacturer of cohesive flexible bandages for the animal health market. While at one time only one brand name was known in the self-adhering bandages arena, Andover’s PetFlex® and PowerFlex® have arrived. They have changed the landscape of cohesive bandages and are here to stay. EasyTear® technology in PetFlex means no scissors are needed; PowerFlex is hand-tear, making application quick and easy.

Known as the “company with the prints” Andover’s signature bones and paw print designs on PetFlex cohesive flexible bandages are now joined by products utilizing new technology to fully meet the needs of the animal health market. PetFlex®AFD and PowerFlex®AFD are all-in-one cohesive bandages with a foam pad dressing attached directly to the bandage. They were launched in early 2008, helping to make wound care on small and large animals quick and easy.

Take a look at our full line of animal health care products to find those that best match you needs. Whether you are a veterinarian, a pet owner, a weekend horseback trail rider or a tack shop owner, Andover has ideal product options for you.