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CoFlex TLC
Two Layer Compression

By Andover Healthcare, Inc.

Start with the foot at a 90 degree angle and the blue absorptive side toward the patient. Begin the wrap with 2 circular windings around the foot. Proceed behind the heel leaving some of the plantar surface exposed. Continue with one more circular winding around the foot and begin to wrap up the leg with a 50% overlap. The foam is soft and conformable and easy to visualize the 50% overlap. Use just enough tension to have the dressing lay smoothly on the patient’s leg. When you get to the top, cut off the excess and tape the dressing in place. Conform this layer to the leg with some gentle pressing.

Layer 2 you are going to start with the foot at 90 degree angle. Begin as with Layer 1 with two circular windings around the foot. Proceed behind the heel and then finish with 2 or 3 figure of eights to cover the entire heel. Keeping even tension on the roll, we are going to start up the leg with a 50% overlap. Keeping the roll in close to the patient’s leg will help keep even tension. You can also visualize your 50% overlap with this roll as well. You get to the top, and this layer you can do a hand-tear with it. We are going to conform the dressing with gentle pressure.

Apply the nylon stocking. This will allow the patient to move freely in their clothes and on bed sheets. It will also help in dawning socks and shoes. Normal footwear can be worn with CoFlex TLC. This is the finished dressing.

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