Video: All Bandages Are Not Created Equal

All bandages are not created equal.
What makes the difference is how they are made.

Cohesive Bandage Construction:
Base Material
Elastic Yarns

Andover Bandage
Base Material: Fabric
Elastic Yarns: Linear
Cohesive: High Quality latex or high quality latex-free

Offshore Bandage
Base Material: Non-woven
Elastic Yarns: Knitted
Cohesive: Low-Quality latex or low quality latex-free

The type of elastic yarns determines the degree and consistency of compression.

  • Linear Elastic Yarns deliver even, consistent compression.
  • Knitted Elastic Yarns will constrict over time.
  • Andover products are manufactured with linear elastic yarns and deliver even, consistent compression.
  • Offshore products are manufactured with knitted elastic yarns – like the looping of rubber bands -and will tighten and constrict
  • Cohesive is either latex or latex-free.
  • The quality of cohesive is dependent on the polymers used in the cohesive compounding.
  • High quality cohesive will stick well and stay in place.
  • Low quality cohesive will not stick well and will come off.
  • Andover compounds its own cohesive with high quality polymers that deliver great holding power and stay in place.
  • Offshore products are made with ‘off-the shelf’ low-grade cohesive that does no stick well and comes off.

All bandages are not equal. Buy the name you trust. Andover. Ask for it by name.

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