Cohesive Bandages

Cohesive Bandages

Choose from a variety of high quality latex or latex-free product options. Andover cohesive bandages provide contolled compression and will not constrict over time.


CoFlex Med

A cohesive bandage with EasyTear® patented technology used to secure, protect, compress or support.

Colors, Prints and Sizes

Catalog #SizeRolls/Case
7100XX-030 1" x 5 yds. 30
7150XX-048 48
7200XX-036 2" x 5 yds. 36
7300XX-024 3" x 5 yds. 24
7400XX-018 4" x 5 yds. 18
7600XX-012 6" x 5 yds. 12
XX = color code
7300(S) 3" x 5 yds. 24
7400(S) 4" x 5 yds. 18
7600(S) 6" x 5 yds. 12
(S) = Sterile Product/Tan only.

Colors Available:
Tan (TN), White (WH), Red (RD), Blue (BL), Green (GR), Yellow (YL), N. Pink (NP), N. Green (NG), Purple (PU), Orange (OR), Light Blue (LB), Black (BK), Teal (TE)

Colorpack (CP)

Colorpack (CP):
N. Pink, Blue, Purple, Light Blue, N. Green, Red

Rainbowpack (RB)

Rainbowpack (RB):
Teal, Blue, White, Purple, Red, Green

Smiley Pack (SC)

Smiley Pack (SC):
Smiley on N. Pink, Yellow, Lavender, Light Blue

Purple Hearts on N. Pink, Blue Dinosaurs on N. Green, Blue Trucks & Cars on Light Blue, Bumblebees on Yellow

*Available in 2”, 3”, 4” and 6” only U.S. Patent No. 5.762.623 European Patent No. 0839222